Tell the FDA you don’t want the GMO Arctic Apples

Below is my letter, please send the FDA your own message.

Dear USDA,
No genetically engineered anything has ever proven superior to its non-genetically engineered counterpart in terms of safety.  In fact, just the opposite is true.  Genetically engineered fruit uses more pesticides (poisons that are also toxic to humans), contains novel proteins (molecules that cause adverse immune reactions), and Continue reading

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Dr. Bronners & Nutiva are trippling donations made to fight GMO’s in WA State

Washington State’s I-522 GMO labeling ballot measure is rapidly approaching a vote.  46% support labeling, 42% oppose it, and 12% are undecided.  A 12% swing in either direction is more than enough for either side to win.  After California and Florida, Washington produces the most fruits and vegetables of any state.  Thankfully,  Nutiva and Dr. Bronner’s, are going to triple any donations to Food Democracy Now! to help publicize this issue.  Our donations will help ban GMO’s where it counts, in a big agrarian state.  Please help send a message to the rest of the world, that while criminals like Hilary Clinton threaten small countries with trade embargoes if they don’t adopt GMO practices, her own countrymen don’t want GMO products either. Continue reading

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Monsanto only had to pay 5 million dollars to receive the World Food Prize

Monsanto is being awarded the World Food Prize.  I’d never heard of it either, but the award’s stated goal is to facilitate “the importance of a nutritious and sustainable food supply for all people.”  Receiving this honor only cost Monsanto 5 million dollars in donations over the past few years.  Continue reading

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Please sign the petition to ban fracking in Sacramento County

Please take 60 seconds to sign this petition to ban fracking in Sacramento county. I for one think that being able to drink our ground water, eat the local harvest, and breathe clean air is far more important than allowing an unsustainable business practice to continue. The only reason fracking is taking place is that hedge fund managers have found enough ignorant people willing to invest in a type of oil that costs more to gather than it can be sold for at market. Yes, those investors will ultimately lose money for their poor decision, but those hedge fund managers will have profited handsomely from their fees.  Most Americans are oblivious to the fact that the petroleum industry has long been exempt from nearly all county, state, and federal environmental standards. Continue reading

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Much ado about big business and the plight of the American worker

This is a response to a Facebook post relating this Huffington Post article where 1/3 of the top paid CEOS in America received tax payer funded subsidies.

“Please DON’T call this capitalism. Communism, yes. Capitalism NO.” – Mark Blackburn

Hi Guys, I would call it fascism, not communism.  Communism as a theory represents the even distribution of wealth.  That idea scared the financial elite in this country enough for the CIA and in many cases, the US military to actively overthrow any government with such a scary idea.  We have the lowest income equality of any industrialized nation.  Good thing we’re not socialist, it sure is working out great for the majority of Americans who’ve lost over 6,000 dollars in annual income in the last ten years.  Continue reading

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“Oh talk show host, please remind me how I think now”

I wish everyone could be open minded, but that is of course not how the world works. Mass media is currently on a campaign “teaching” people that there aren’t any conspiracies and that conspiracy theorists are to be mocked and given zero credibility. So if anything you’ve said strikes someone else as a conspiracy, then there’s a good chance they’ll ignore what you’re saying now more than ever. Continue reading

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Humble Bundle a new kind of eCommerce

When it comes to buying games for your desktop or mobile device (Android and iOS), there is no better deal than Humble Bundles.  All games are DRM free (Digitial Rights Management = copy protection) and many of them also come with a free copy of the soundtrack.  In many cases the same game will work on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS or some combination thereof.  Continue reading

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Deal Expired – Free tracks from Google Play

Sorry, this deal has expired. 

It’s hard to argue with free, especially when they are decent tracks from some very big names like Daft Punk, Katy Perry, Beastie Boys, Gorillaz, etc.. Continue reading

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Ban freeway transportion of radioactive nuclear waste

Nuclear energy is both woefully inefficient and extremely dangerous. Anyone who promotes it is either misinformed or blatantly unethical. The typical power plant is rated for 40 years of use, costs billions to build, and the waste has to be stored for millions to billions of years.  In some cases after 4 billion years, the radioactive waste won’t be gone, but only half as much will be left over. Continue reading

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Free Printable Spanish Cheat Sheets

Spanish has been part of my life since I was a little kid.  My parents would spell in front of my sister and I and naturally we learned to spell.  Then they spoke Spanish in front of us and we started understanding that too.  Unfortunately for my Spanish acumen, the immersive lessons ended within a year or two as my parents divorced.  Continue reading

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