Ban freeway transportion of radioactive nuclear waste

Nuclear energy is both woefully inefficient and extremely dangerous. Anyone who promotes it is either misinformed or blatantly unethical. The typical power plant is rated for 40 years of use, costs billions to build, and the waste has to be stored for millions to billions of years.  In some cases after 4 billion years, the radioactive waste won’t be gone, but only half as much will be left over. In other words, the millions of dollars worth of energy produced can’t outweigh the trillions of dollars it’ll cost to store the waste.  The insurmountable storage cost, risk of a meltdown, and terrorist exposure are all reasons nuclear plants are uninsurable.  Radioactive material is far too dangerous to transport on our freeway system where accidents happen and semi trucks tip over all the time. The only safe solution is to build storage units on site and be stuck maintaining them for what I presume will be the remainder of humanity’s time on earth. Also, I’d like to add that our current president Barack Obama commissioned the first new Nuclear power plants in 30 years. Please stop voting for Demo-crips and Re-bloodicans unless you’d like our next wrecking ball in chief to further decimate our planet.  Please tell congress not to allow this catastrophe in motion on our freeways, near our homes, farms, and places of business. If you are interested in learning more about Nuclear energy please read my other posts on it.

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