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Dr. Bronners & Nutiva are trippling donations made to fight GMO’s in WA State

Washington State’s I-522 GMO labeling ballot measure is rapidly approaching a vote.  46% support labeling, 42% oppose it, and 12% are undecided.  A 12% swing in either direction is more than enough for either side to win.  After California and … Continue reading

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Much ado about big business and the plight of the American worker

This is a response to a Facebook post relating this Huffington Post article where 1/3 of the top paid CEOS in America received tax payer funded subsidies. “Please DON’T call this capitalism. Communism, yes. Capitalism NO.” – Mark Blackburn Hi … Continue reading

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Beef was never Kale

Dear Fiora,  I appreciate you taking the time to make a comparison between Kale and Beef.  Your final conclusion makes it sound like Kale and other plant life doesn’t contain protein.  Anyone who’s ever watched Star Trek knows that we … Continue reading

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