Dr. Bronners & Nutiva are trippling donations made to fight GMO’s in WA State

Washington State’s I-522 GMO labeling ballot measure is rapidly approaching a vote.  46% support labeling, 42% oppose it, and 12% are undecided.  A 12% swing in either direction is more than enough for either side to win.  After California and Florida, Washington produces the most fruits and vegetables of any state.  Thankfully,  Nutiva and Dr. Bronner’s, are going to triple any donations to Food Democracy Now! to help publicize this issue.  Our donations will help ban GMO’s where it counts, in a big agrarian state.  Please help send a message to the rest of the world, that while criminals like Hilary Clinton threaten small countries with trade embargoes if they don’t adopt GMO practices, her own countrymen don’t want GMO products either.

GMO Corn vs. Non-GMO Corn Nutritional Graph

I highlighted the remarkably more nutritionally diffuse and toxin dense GMO metrics

Over a quarter million Indian farmers and their wives tried to succeed with GMO farming and have nothing to show for it other than toxic soil and financial decimation.  Unfortunately, these farmers did the only thing they thought we’d hear in the West and committed suicide by drinking Roundup. This is the largest known act of suicide in world history and for the most part has been censored by US media. Did the news outlet you read, watch, or listen to even cover this massive act of desperation? If not, please find a news outlet that isn’t owned by big business such as the Progressive Radio Network. GMO’s are a technology too dangerous to explore. We’re over twenty years in to this mess and all we’ve gotten is more poisons on our plates and fields, more anaphylaxis (life threatening allergic reactions), orders of magnitude lower mineral content in our produce, and legions of foreclosed small farms.

Please help stop this insanity, your $1 donation can be $3, $2 can be $6, and so on…. Thank you to those who care, those who share, and those who fight power with truth and justice. Please make a donation and or call your friends and loved ones in Washington State and make sure they vote on the side sanity.

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