Highly rated movies on IMDB that are awful

IMDB stands for the Internet Movie Database and in general is the most unbiased place to find ratings for movies.  For example, we all have our own experiences and biases so reading a review from  a single reviewer (myself included) might not be the best use of your time.  IMDB solves that problem by having not 1 or 20 ratings of a movie, but often 100,000+ people have voted on a single movie.  The only problem being some movies, say an Irish movie perhaps, was liked by the vast majority of Irish people, but the humor and cultural identity wouldn’t be appreciated by the majority of American viewers. 

I’m writing this for people like me, perhaps you are a friend, family member, or co-worker of mine and share similar tastes in movies.   In general, anything over a 6 is good and anything 7 or higher is terrific. However, there are a few exceptions. Movies that might have made sense to a particular country, ethnic group, etc..but to the average person they’re just plain awful. Now I can’t claim to be the “average person”, but I thought these were a waste of at least an hour of my life.  The IMDB ratings follows the name of the film:

  • 5.8 (There are 4 beautiful young ladies playing the leads, including Emma Roberts who I think is a terrific young actress.  However, the story wasn’t compelling and many of the lead characters were either hard to like or unrealistic. )
  • Attack the block 6.6
  • Cherry 6.8
  • The Details 6.1 (IMDB lists this as a comedy drama, it was definitely not a comedy.  It was amusing at parts, but I don’t recall laughing.  Tobey McGuire and Elizabeth Banks are terrific actors in well anything else I can recall them in.  If you want to see movie with blackmail, a pregnant woman shot through the chest with an arrow, and a raccoon repeatedly assaulted by an automobile then this is your flick.)
  • The Guard 7.3 (had its funny points, but was a stupid movie over all)
  • Klown 7.0 (this is hilarious, but do you really want to watch a movie where the main characters always make the wrong choice and most of their grief could easily be avoided?  Also, the definition of a comedy is it makes you laugh and has a happy ending, the latter apparently not in Danish films.)
  • Pawn Shop Chronicles 5.5  (this is probably the worst movie I’ve seen in 5 years considering I don’t watch horror films.  I didn’t even finish watching it.  We only keep a moderate amount of brain bleach in the closet and I didn’t want to exhaust our supply.)
  • Ruby Sparks 7.1
  • Super 6.8
  • Spring Breakers 5.5 This movie didn’t have a particularly compelling story line.  There’s a gunfight at the end of the movie that is utterly preposterous.  Two girls wearing neon bikinis drive a boat to the end of a dock and walk along the dock to the rear of a dim and heavily armed back yard.  In the yard are around 10 darkly clothed black men are unable to kill two girls walking down the center wearing bright unmistakable bikinis.
  • Young Adult 6.4
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