Humble Bundle a new kind of eCommerce

When it comes to buying games for your desktop or mobile device (Android and iOS), there is no better deal than Humble Bundles.  All games are DRM free (Digitial Rights Management = copy protection) and many of them also come with a free copy of the soundtrack.  In many cases the same game will work on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS or some combination thereof.  Bundles change roughly every week and occasionally have been eBooks versus games, which is the norm.  One of the most interesting dynamics of buying a Humble Bundle is that you get to choose how much you’re giving to the Humble Bundle folks (the store), the developers, and whatever charities they’re working with on a particular bundle.  Below, I have specified 5 dollars and moved the sliders around to demonstrate how you can selectively donate:
Humble Checkout

This week has the most amazing bundle I’ve seen them offer yet.  These are all big name games and for around five bucks (prices change slightly as people keep buying) you can get all of the following:
Origin Humble Bundle


One way the Humble Bundle tries to increase prices and profitability is that a certain portion of the bundle is only acquirable if you pay above the average amount.  In the case above, you could pay a dollar and get the first five games!  Or you can spend greater $4.73 (green text in the upper right) and get Battlefield 3 and the Sims 3 too.  So if you’re signed up on their mailing list and the deal sounds good to you buy it sooner than later or you’ll be stuck spending more money on the same thing later.  If you want to research a particular game GameSpot and Metacritic are both great places to learn more.

Once purchased, the games and their updates are yours in perpetuity.  You can download updated versions directly from their website.  Another feature is the ability to activate your games on Steam or Origin two online gaming marketplaces.  Albeit unlikely, because Humble Bundle is currently a profitable business, if they ever went out of business, you should be able to download the same software for free from either Steam or Origin’s market.  You can’t download from those other Market’s though if you don’t take the manual step of activating your games on the respective marketplace using the product key provided at checkout.

Also, since the games are DRM free you can share them with other family members, so my fiance and I have some of the same commercial Android games on our phones, but only had to pay once.  So in addition to donating to charities and saving a barrel of money, you can also enjoy sharing your games with loved ones.

Here’s a video demonstration of what the Humble Bundle is all about, but I suggest you just try it out with a nominal purchase.  The games above all had an initial retail price of $30-50, now imagine getting 7 of those games for only around $5 and it’s hard to feel like you didn’t make out like a bandit.


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