Letigious, Police State? Check!

“The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws” (Tacitus, 55–117 AD).

We live in a country where even the lawyers who went to law school for 7-8 years still don’t know the law. Not only do they not know the law, but they can’t even memorize the law of their specialty (family, injury, business, etc..). The bright side of all of this is that you’re still beholden to the law even if you don’t know it :).

It’s a good thing the punishments fit the crimes right here in California:

  • Did you lose your shorts body surfing and sheepishly enter a clothing store to buy a replacement? How about a year in prison?
  • Did you cross the street when and where you wanted, accounting for your speed of travel and any potential vehicles around you? That’ll be $191 dollars please.
  • Did you buy some crack, because you were unhappy with your life?  How about 2-5 years in jail and a positively dreadful employment outlook?
    Depressed yet?  Are you "Oh god, I can't take it any more depressed"?  At least suicide is not illegal any more.  Making people want to commit it without directly suggesting the act, however, remains perfectly legal.
  • Did you sell your body, because you felt it was your best employment option? How about 5-15 days in jail, community service, counseling, or the possibly up to 3 years of probation?
    In other words, if you want to provide a service where both parties understand the potential charges and service options and agree to commence "business" in a private manner that doesn't necessarily affect anyone beyond themselves, they go to jail.

    If a politician is elected and spends nearly every second in office working against their constituents, they get a salary, a generous retirement package, and exclusive healthcare benefits. So I guess the real solution here is if you have a true criminal tendency and want to get away with it, make sure you work the government. If I was a New York Yankee pitcher and threw almost every pitch in the first game, odds are I wouldn't even get to play a second professional ball game. I would be fired immediately. If you want to do an amazing job of throwing the game as a politician just do exactly what industry wants at the cost of your voters. Odds are industry will try and get you in a more important government role. They'll pay for for a nearly unbeatable add campaign.

    Making a higher political office is like becoming an all-star pitcher. If you're exceptionally "good"... Or should that be profoundly selfish? You can win a Cy Young award and become the next president.With all the crooked domestic and international dealings just imagine what would happen to a president if things came full circle? That's why their office isn't circular, enter the oval, the circle's evil twin. That's right folks you'll get to reside in the oval office, like an egg protecting an evil duckling. Understandably, presidents are appointed private security for life. A group respectfully referred to as the secret service. No they aren't private cops, they're private KPOs, karma prevention officers. "Please hold karma we're busy around here, we've got the CIA overthrowing governments to ensure cheaper labor on America's name brand clothes".


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