Letter to Care2 about unecessarily supporting Democrat party candidates

Dear Care2,

I think it’s great your organization helps gather signatures for important issues. However, being progressive and being a Democrat are two very different things. Obamacare is a criminal act of legislation. It’s legally mandating the public to buy an optional service from specific providers. Namely health insurance, at a time when the public is poorer than ever. A lot of people, especially amongst the citizens you organize, exclusively seek healing modalities other than American medicine and do so with considerably better outcomes. American medicine is the leading cause of death in America. I’m sure a lot of your employees have already seen the number one documentary in the world this past year, “Death by Medicine” and are already aware that medicine isn’t just ineffective, it’s dangerous. Do we really need to guarantee this highly profitable and usually erroneous model even more business? There is nothing in Obama’s bill about prevention and there’s a great deal to make the insurance industry very happy, guaranteed business. Forcing people to buy health insurance when they’re broke and starving is like forcing a front yard junker owner to buy car insurance when they can’t afford to make their vehicle run. Care2’s pro-democrat lesser of two evils support is in fact solid support for evil. Please refund any money received from the Democratic party, 3rd party money launderers, and or its constituents. Wikipedia runs purely on donations and Care2 should likewise. Put yourselves in a position to allow more unbiased opinions on topics. Barack Obama is a war criminal and an e-terrorist whether that “e” spells economy, ecology, or egalitarianism. Do the right thing and stop supporting this horrible man. When someone like Barack is voted in to office and Care2 promoted them, your organization is in part responsible for his loathsome actions. Grow some stones and back a candidate who won’t win, but was actually worth voting for. The sooner everyone starts voting for ethical people, the sooner we can have one running this country.

Christian Blackburn

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