Much ado about big business and the plight of the American worker

This is a response to a Facebook post relating this Huffington Post article where 1/3 of the top paid CEOS in America received tax payer funded subsidies.

“Please DON’T call this capitalism. Communism, yes. Capitalism NO.” – Mark Blackburn

Hi Guys, I would call it fascism, not communism.  Communism as a theory represents the even distribution of wealth.  That idea scared the financial elite in this country enough for the CIA and in many cases, the US military to actively overthrow any government with such a scary idea.  We have the lowest income equality of any industrialized nation.  Good thing we’re not socialist, it sure is working out great for the majority of Americans who’ve lost over 6,000 dollars in annual income in the last ten years.  Meanwhile, the cost of food and shelter have risen dramatically.  I’m not claiming communism is a great idea or that the USSR worked, because that was still a power vacuum.  Also, assigning people jobs instead of letting them choose their own is a great way to have people incapable or uninclined to a job, botch things royally.  Also, if you can’t be fired from a job, a lot of people lose their will to do quality work, like many in government employment.  The best countries have the greatest income equality and citizens actively involved in their political process.  A private corporation, with secret meetings, known as the Federal Reserve has stolen 97% of the spending power of the US Dollar in less than 100 years (1916-2013).  People like Jamie Diamond, head of JP Morgan Chase, one of the private banks comprising the Federal Reserve should be behind bars for causing starvation, homelessness, and crime (the logical response to no perceived upward mobility).  As for the article quote “Morgan Stanley emphasized that the company has not appeared on the list of the 25 highest-paid CEOs since receiving TARP money.”  Morgan Stanley CEO “C. Robert Kidder” is practically a saint for not having a massive salary.  This pauper only makes 1.5 million per year before his other job as a board member of Merck.  Merck is just another honorable drug company.  All big drug companies are crooked and have their profits centered around customers in perpetuity vs. actually getting people better.  Merck had a drug called Vioxx, it killed at least 60,000 people, that we know of.  The FDA never halted the sale of Vioxx, in fact, they went to lengths to protect Vioxx.  Is it any wonder 80% of processed foods in America contain chemicals banned in other countries due to a demonstrable lack of safety.  That’s the FDA doing their typical job, protecting industry. Eventually, Merck did a VOLUNTARY recall because there were too many lawsuits after killing 60,000+ people and hospitalizing over 100,000 more. Nobody went to jail, and their CEO got a raise.  So I don’t think Morgan Stanley’s CEO deserves anything other than a swift kick to the gonads and a triple life sentence in a federal penitentiary.  Maybe CEO’s Kidder and Diamond can be cellmates.  What can we do to make it better?

  • Ban subsidies to any and all private enterprises, have a cap on salaries nobody should earn more than 500K/yr.
  • No employee should earn more than 4 times the hourly rate of the lowest among them
  • like many European countries, half the board must be elected by fellow co-workers and any worker is eligible to be elected
  • increase the minimum wage to 20/hr. with a fixed growth following inflation.
  • barter or transact in precious metals, inflation proof/anonymous digital currencies vs. fiat currency whenever possible
  • only vote for 3rd party or independent candidates
  • stop patronizing corporations with
    • low compensation
    • offshore manufacturing
    • H1B-style employees
    • bad environmental records
    • foreign tax shelters

It really pisses me off that Bill Gates is worth nearly 73 billion and my step-son’s school system is now offering free meals during the summer or some of his classmates would starve.  Wherever there’s a Billionaire, there’s at least 25,000 fewer people with a livable wage ($20/hr.).  Is Bill Gates smarter, more knowledgeable, or harder working than the combined efforts of any 1.8 million people?  Because he has their salary.  These masters of finance aren’t heroes, they’re fiscal perverts and are destroying my American dream, a humble piece of the pie for all.  Is it any wonder Dr. Martin Luther King spent the last years of his life working towards income equality?  In the Bible, the only mention of Jesus ever being violent was when he threw the bankers out.  Jesus also said “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God. (Mark 10:25)”.  It’s fun when an atheist named Christian, that being me, quotes the Bible, but like most things in life there are positive and negative dynamics to be found.  If you pay your workers below $20/hr., please ask yourself, do you make more than 4x their wage and what kind of a world do you want to live in?

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Ghandi

“May all be fed. May all be healed. May all be loved.” –John Robbins author of many fantastic books

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