“Oh talk show host, please remind me how I think now”

I wish everyone could be open minded, but that is of course not how the world works. Mass media is currently on a campaign “teaching” people that there aren’t any conspiracies and that conspiracy theorists are to be mocked and given zero credibility. So if anything you’ve said strikes someone else as a conspiracy, then there’s a good chance they’ll ignore what you’re saying now more than ever.

The idea that conspiracies don’t exist is preposterous. People lie, people cheat, and people back-stab to get ahead, that’s not a surprise to anyone, especially in politics. Well what part of cheating and lying wouldn’t require multiple stories of what happened: The official story, what really happened, and of course those smart enough to smell foul play and their theories fact, fiction, or a combination thereof. A husband who goes away on a romantic escapade with a lover, but tells his wife he’s on a business trip has just created a small scale conspiracy. Friends of the wife who saw the husband holding hands with another woman or suspect that the red stain on his collar wasn’t actually cranberry cobbler are also conspiracy theorists. Only video evidence of the husband actively screwing another woman would prove that the husband had an affair and even then some people, the wife perhaps, would chose not to believe that there was a video and refuse to see it. Sometimes it’s easier to destroy a friendship with an informant than it is to accept a hard truth. In other words, many people prefer the fiction to reality. Suggesting that conspiracies don’t happen is the same as suggesting nobody lies ever about anything. Does anyone really believe that nobody lies ever or are they just repeating what some propagandist on tell me how to think TV or Radio told them?

This is a lot like being told to vote for the lesser of two evils.  Did anyone ever tell you, you didn’t have to vote for evil in the first place?  Probably, but the person who told you that wasn’t a trusted adviser on political matters.  Maybe they clean your house, I mean seriously what credibility does a woman with a vacuum have compared to someone so wise they have their own TV show watched by millions?  For one, they don’t have a multimillion dollar salary, because they are willing to creatively, convincingly, and repeatedly lie on the behalf of industry and its power vacuum.  That’s right you can vote for demonstrably decent honest people like Ralph Nader, Jesse Ventura, Jill Stein, etc…  There are other political parties, the Greens, the Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Peace and Freedom, Socialist, etc.  And while you may feel overwhelmed as to which you should vote for, all are better choices than the Demo-crips and Rebloodicans.  You will have to do some independent thought and figure out which party you like best or you can just vote for whomever you feel would be right in each position.

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