Letter to Care2 about unecessarily supporting Democrat party candidates

Dear Care2,

I think it’s great your organization helps gather signatures for important issues. However, being progressive and being a Democrat are two very different things. Obamacare is a criminal act of legislation. It’s legally mandating the public to buy an optional service from specific providers. Namely health insurance, at a time when the public is poorer than ever. A lot of people, especially amongst the citizens you organize, exclusively seek healing modalities other than American medicine and do so with considerably better outcomes. Continue reading

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Free Online Programming Courses

Both of these websites offer some excellent video based courses.  Sure they’re not necessarily as thorough as reading a book, but sometimes a video is worth a thousand sentences. Continue reading

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Lynda.com online video based computer training

I’ve used Lynda.com off and on for years.  For those of you who either don’t like reading, can’t sit still, or simply learn better from videos this website is the best in its class.  There are hundreds of courses for as little as $25/mo.  However, you should always check YouTube and other free sources first and see if there aren’t any free courses offered.

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