Please sign the petition to ban fracking in Sacramento County

Please take 60 seconds to sign this petition to ban fracking in Sacramento county. I for one think that being able to drink our ground water, eat the local harvest, and breathe clean air is far more important than allowing an unsustainable business practice to continue. The only reason fracking is taking place is that hedge fund managers have found enough ignorant people willing to invest in a type of oil that costs more to gather than it can be sold for at market. Yes, those investors will ultimately lose money for their poor decision, but those hedge fund managers will have profited handsomely from their fees.  Most Americans are oblivious to the fact that the petroleum industry has long been exempt from nearly all county, state, and federal environmental standards. Apparently, the hydrofracking industry has that strong moral core we’ve come to expect from our president. You know a moral core so strong and pervasive it occupies a percentage even smaller than that of an electrical wire inside a light bulb. Scientifically speaking, a light bulb has a shiny glass surface, but is comprised almost entirely of hot air.  So it should come as no surprise that in many states doctors are actually forbidden from informing their patients that their new and peculiar illnesses were caused by the chemicals used to process our tar sands and convert them to oil.

Repeatedly statisticians and lawyers harp on the idea that correlation doesn’t prove causality and they are half right. If I fired a gun in to the air over my surrounding neighborhood every night for years and still a few senior citizens died instead of age related diseases, I may not be responsible for everyone’s death, but I’d still be a murderer. I might justify my actions by reminding  my neighbors that I’m supporting the local economy by regularly purchasing bullets or that some of bullet’s composition is a viable fertilizer.  While there are a myriad of ways in which our lifespans are being shortened, the people who willfully spread toxic substances on our land, in to our water, and the very air we breathe, are in fact murders. Unlike my random gunfire over the neighborhood analogy their selfish actions will continue to cause death and suffering for generations to come.  The final shove off a cliff is still a murderous push even if there were thousands before it. In the end, I’m am not moved by their shallow justification, “we weren’t the only ones who helped kill you.” They may have beautiful smiles, talk about desirable employment, and speak with compassion but they are still willing to poison you for their gain and must be stopped.

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