Tell the EPA to ban neonicotinoid pesticides, the ones killing all our bees

Dead BeesPlease sign the petition to ban neonicotinoid pesticides, the class of pesticides that are decimating our bee population.

Here was my message to the EPA when I signed it.

“I am continually disappointed with the unprofessional whore-like job the EPA does in protecting me and my loved ones.  The most recent example of this regards the fact that GMOs are studied at all, no not released in to the wild that’s obviously a fool’s errand, but they shouldn’t even be tested do to the potentially catastrophic results if they ever got in to the wild.  We’ve already seen the effects of GMOs in the radically higher rates of infertility, obesity, anaphylaxis (potentially lethal allergic reactions), and autoimmune disorders just to name a few.

Countless US citizens, who you would probably dub “lay-people simpletons”, myself included, have known for at least 3 years that neonicotinoid pesticides are the primary cause of bee colony collapse disorder.  Companies can’t police themselves, you have to wait and study novel poisons at the EPA before releasing them in the to the wild.  That is the only job the EPA has is to test for safety and react in alignment with in house results.  However, that job isn’t being done.  There is a long and sorted history of companies lying about the safety of their products and the results have been catastrophic.  When you did approve the pesticide Clothianidin why weren’t those farms using it closely monitored to observe the changes in bee concentration early on?  This could have been discovered with a simply verbal survey asking farmers what’s changed since they started using it. Long ago, the EPA would have discovered all the farms using it have fewer bees and all the organic farms have no issues whatsoever. Hmm…A bunch of European countries have already banned this pesticide, random US citizens wonder why, but not the EPA. Cricket, Cricket, Cricket.  Interesting!  Horrifying!  Stupefying!  Inept and utterly corrupt!  Why in god’s name hasn’t it already been banned in the US indefinitely?

Immediately firing those responsible for ensuring the original approval of Bayer’s pesticide in spite of your own scientists outcry is the only acceptable act after you immediately and indefinitely ban all neonicotinoid pesticide use and sale for any purpose.  Neonicotinoids are so toxic a list of customers will need to be acquired so that any remaining pesticide will be confiscated from distributors and farmers alike. Now seems like a good time to remind you that the P in EPA stands for “Protection”, not “Prostitution”, so please stop doing the latter.”

Please sign the petition if you haven’t already.

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3 Responses to Tell the EPA to ban neonicotinoid pesticides, the ones killing all our bees

  1. Vaso says:

    The EPA is just an extension of the agribusiness, Sorry.

  2. Kosta says:

    Ho can you expect an agency like the EPA with revolving doors that lead to Monsanto’s back yard be of any help or use?

    • Christian Blackburn says:

      There is considerable truth to what both you and Vaso have said regarding the EPA. However, the biggest way Americans give up their power is by acting like we don’t have it. Are we not also capable of influencing the decisions of regulators? Is there a ban on any of us getting a degree in environmental science and then moving up the ranks in the EPA? Are we incapable of vacuuming and therefore providing custodial services at the EPA? Could that not then be used to uncover documents exposing the dirty dealings of others. Would those exposed not be chastised by their friends, families, and neighbors? Can we not start petitions to put in to state law what city, county, state, and federal politicians will not? There is much we can do, but the only product of no effort is no result.

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