Tell the FDA you don’t want the GMO Arctic Apples

Below is my letter, please send the FDA your own message.

Dear USDA,
No genetically engineered anything has ever proven superior to its non-genetically engineered counterpart in terms of safety.  In fact, just the opposite is true.  Genetically engineered fruit uses more pesticides (poisons that are also toxic to humans), contains novel proteins (molecules that cause adverse immune reactions), and in the case of BT GMOS, they contain a pesticide that actually rips the stomach lining in humans causing food to directly enter the bloodstream, a recipe for potent allergic reactions to GMO foods.  GMOs are also strongly associated with human infertility.    Allowing this Arctic apple and any past or present GMO product ever again is obviously not in the public interest.  The legion of risks don’t outweigh the minor and lopsided benefits.  Nature has already provided a diverse and plentiful bounty.  The foods we eat like heirloom apples have been tested and proved to be compatible with humans and our genetic predecessors over millions of years.  GMOs on the other hand, aren’t even two human generations old and have consistently proven to be a travesty in motion.  To make matters worse this comparatively untested wildlife, is growing all over the world breeding with its remarkably safer and healthier alternatives.  The only product of the this breeding can be the degradation of our legitimate food supply likely for the remainder of human existence.  Please don’t be a part of that evil.
Christian Blackburn

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